Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Jindy Ski Trip 2005 # 1

This past weekend was memorable for a myriad of reasons:
On Friday, somewhere between Comma & Jindabyne while I was skiving off work, I received a call. I was happily sitting in HT’s car looking forward to the snow at Thredbo, singing my way through Les Miserables soundtrack when my phone started ringing, showing “Nathalie Wong”. I assumed that the call was from my voicemail callback, and, not wanting to waste a few bars of my favourite song, picked up the call while continuing to sing at the top of my voice. It took me a few lines of “Do you hear the people sing” to realise that there was no lady telling me how many new messages I had. At this point, I realised the call was actually from work and quickly hung up. fark.

The phone rang again immediately – but this time I was ready. Unfortunately my spazzo fingers were not as prepared – I accidentally pressed the answer button, and this time, accompanying the Les Miserables soundtrack was my voice saying “shit its fucking work again”. This is when I remembered that one of my work colleagues had promised to conference me in to a meeting. Double Fark.

Definitely not a great start to the weekend, but luckily it picked up from there.
Friday at Thredbo was a nice day – long runs and hardly any people – whizzed down the mountain on fresh legs at top speeds! Dinner was an amazing Lamb Roast with yumo roast potatoes & plenty of screw top wine cooked by BEC & JOE – the best I’ve ever eaten.

The rest of the group arrived that night, and after much admiring of snow gear, and new boards (VICKY), followed by some loosely termed “lunch” preparation (spam & mayo sandwiches, dog meat & apple sandwiches) we all went to bed wishing for snow.

Saturday started nice and early with the sound of Vicky & HT talking to each other in their sleep. Vicky “Alright I’m ready, lets go”, HT “I don’t know.” Hmmm… think they were having different dreams. This was followed by Joe’s mobile phone waking us up at 4am. And 410am. Moments later it was 6am, Wayno’s voice was blasting through the door, followed by some insistent banging. I didn’t wake up until jumping Joe started bouncing on me yelling “Wake up HT!”… we don’t look that similar do we???

What an awesome day on the snow! We got to Thredbo so early, we watched the lifts start up! Nice hard packed snow – dry and fast – excellent weather conditions – sunny with little to no wind - with experienced riders made for an exhausting morning. By 1030am we were ready for lunch. At 2pm we were waiting for the lifts to close. But we couldn’t waste an 8hour day of skiing. YDG & Cherie practically flew down the slalom course, and the challenge was on. No one could beat YDG’s amazing time of 18.05 seconds, the closest I came was 18.81 seconds. Close, but no cigar. Next time baby, next time.

Other memorable moments were the naked massages going on in the lounge, loud burping, flatulence and general misbehaviour in front of Ranview co-habiters, the incensed looks from fellow skiers & boarders as a whole hoard of Asians sped down high noon at top speed kicking up snow and ignoring all the “SLOW DOWN” signage, near collision at high speed between YDG&Waynos on Friday Flats in an attempt to take out 3nd place (after Mac & Cherie), Marissa’s huge stack on high noon, Cherie & Waynos jumps over high noon, cookie preparations, running out of water, garlic bread agony and of course poker challenge that lasted all night.

Ahhh… can’t wait for NZ!


Blogger jaysun said...

Very interesting, seeing that giveittomehardbigboy provided a completely opposite account of the weekend ski trip.

But he sure gave it to me hard!

Our NZ trip will be awesome... wining & dining at the finest restaurants Queenstown has to offer, being pampered at the numerous day spas, and visting the many massage palors giveittomehardbigboy assures are everywhere...

Wed Jul 27, 11:48:00 PM


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