Sunday, February 27, 2005

wow! so much has been happening to me this week... very eventful.

Biggest news is that my little sis jess is officially moving out of home! Even though I have been scanning her xanga site, there was no prewarning... I only found out last saturday, and she moved out a week later!!! This makes me quite sad from several perspectives:

1. Our family unit is breaking up! I figure this will be the last time we're all living together in the one house. Jess won't be around to help buffer the nagging from the mumma's & the pappa's. This is very bad, cos most nagging is directed at me (nat, you used my towel again! nat, why don't you fill the water urn when you finish it? nat, don't forget to wash your dishes. put the left overs in the fridge. did you vacuum your room yet? stop treating this house like a hotel etc)

2. I have not moved out of home yet... I want to move out and have my own place too. I feel like I am lagging behind in life stages... my little sister is more mature than me?!

3. It will be lonely! Who will I eat dinner with on Friday nights?

Anyway, I'm sure she'll have a blast, and eat lots of sushi cos its so cheap.

Other news is that I lost my friggin mobile. Again. I got drunk on Wednesday night with some work buddies, and lost the mobile in the cab (done this before) on the way home... Dammit. I must've called HT, then forgot I was holding it. I also got home and had a shower and forgot to wash my hair. I then forgot to dry my hair, and went to bed, but forgot to put on my pj's or turn off my light! I woke up at abt 5am wondering why my light was on. Unfortunately I also forgot to drink a huge bottle of water before going to sleep, so I was quite hung over on Thursday. Had to take a sick day :) Fantastic use of sick day!

Ok, sorry for the outburst... back to work...


Blogger Big Bad Joe said...

Hey Natty,
That's nothing! My Mum and Dad are in Singapore, my youngest sis is traveling and doing national service this year, my brother is living with his gf and my other sister is living in the city. Leaving me home alone in a 5 bedroom house!


Wed Mar 16, 05:08:00 PM


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