Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Rise Restaurant Review

Yesterday HT & I went to Rise, a scrumptious Japanese restaurant in Darlinghurst. Great value at $35 per person for an 8 course degustation, although they make their money back with the drinks. During the night, we decided (after a champagne & lychee caipriosca) to try our hand at food reviews:

The highlight of the night was the pedestrian sounding potato soup. Despite its uninspiring name, the soup had a nice smoky overtone and the oyster tempura was a fantastic mesh of textures. The tofu was the perfect complement to a meal that was both beautifully presented, and perfectly balanced taste-wise.

Despite being touted as the signature dish, the foie-gras stuffed Agedashi tomato was chewy and left an unpleasant residue on the roof of my mouth. The kiwi granita also disappointed with unripe kiwi puree leaving a furry taste on the back of my tongue – ouch!

Service was the typically impeccable Japanese style, although sitting at the sushi counter revealed that a large majority of dishes were pre-prepared (something I am generally not a fan of). Luckily though, this did not impact on the freshness and quality of the meals presented. Overall 7 out of 10.

Amuse-Bouche: Semi poached egg w sea urchin sauce, salmon roe & shiso
Appetiser: Seared ocean trout sashimi with roasted kingmushroom & thai style sweet chilli sauce Soup: Potato soup with oyster tempura & tofu
Sashimi: Assorted sashimi
Seasonal Plate: RISE crispy fried soft shell crab taco’s; fresh scampi sashimi; eel fresh spring roll Signature Dish: Agedashi organic tomato stuffed with foie gras
Main Course: Rolled chicken with Pumpkin Puree
Dessert: Kiwi Granita with fresh fruit jelly


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